CGI vs Practical

I don't hate CGI. I just hate CG blood, but I think CGI is extremely overused now, and practical is better in horror. I'm always going to do practical. I grew up on Aliens, Predator, and John Carpenter's The Thing so those are the kind of effects I love. Plus, I watched Movie Magic all the time as a kid. It didn't get any better than that (ok, ok aside from MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs). I remember seeing how they brought Carnosaur's blood-thirsty dinosaurs to life on that show.

I understand some types of films like superheroes and space operas need CGI, but I just love practical. I want to make real monsters, mutated dinosaurs, etc. Rob Bottin, Stan Winston, and Tom Savini are some of my biggest influences besides James Cameron, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, etc. Anyone can recognize the talent of these masters.

I just want to help however I can in keeping practical FX alive. Whether that is backing other projects with practical effects (Harbinger Down, Gehenna, etc.) or making my own films with them, I think it's an undervalued art form that we need to keep going, and I'm happy as hell it's starting to make a comeback (Frankenstein's Army!).