Ways to Save Money on Festivals

If you're applying to festivals, here is a link that will save you a lot of cash: Exclusive Deals. Not to mention, you should probably check out their 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee curated by MovieMaker Magazine. I disagree with some of their choices but it depends on the kind of film you made. If it isn't completely obvious, I prefer FilmFreeway.com for submitting to festivals. It's a lot easier and cheaper than any others. It's so crazy how much the internet has changed the whole process. Used to be you had to buy envelopes, print out labels, go to the Post Office, etc. Now, it's insanely easy although that also means you'll spend a ton without even realizing it so keep track of your costs (always essential on a budget). I'd suggest researching the festivals you're considering especially looking at their previous official selections, because if they say they accept horror but they never showed any horror films, you're wasting your money.